We inform that in connection with the completion of the task: “Adapting the airport to a higher category ILS (…),  in Wroclaw Airport, on 25.04.2016 Wroclaw Airport received the CAT II Certificate conferring the right to aircrafts landing operations in the circumstances of restricted visibility for category II.

MAWILUX S.A. was the Contractor of navigation lighting system, in terms of the above investment.

MAWILUX S.A. – general sponsor of the WRO Runway Run

At night, on 2/3.06.2016 the unique event called WRO Runway Run will take place at the Wroclaw Airport.

Close to a thousand of people will take part in the run at night on the modernized runway. In this way, Wroclaw Airport will celebrate the completion of the key investments, which were part of the modernization of the runway and the navigation lighting, realized among others, by MAWILUX S.A. MAWILUX S.A. will be the main sponsor of the race.