HR strategy

The strong side of Mawilux S.A. is a competent, educated and hand selected staff. We constantly Invest in the knowledge of our employees, which gives the best guarantee to achieve often very difficult challenges of business today.

Career and productivity rating
Due to necessity of better identification for employees potential in company, as well as creating individual development plans for employees, including creation of advancement system and preparing employees for advancement as well as reward strategy, bonuses as well as identifying areas requiring improvement. Employees participate in periodical check in result ratings as well as plans for career development.

Training schedule
The staff development is one of the main strategic goals for Mawilux S.A. in coming years, therefore the constant investment in knowledge for Mawilux S.A. Employees is treated with high priority.
Based on the annual development plans, the Employees have an opportunity to participate in expanding knowledge courses, partially finance studies as well as other forms of upgrading qualifications and increasing their experience.
We believe, that due to providing the team possibilities of extending their knowledge, we will be perceived as attractive Employer not only for the current staff but also for the one in the future.

Salary and additional benefits
Besides negotiated salary and additional elements included in the Regulations from Employee manual, the integral part of our strategy are program of additional benefits.

Scholarship Programs
Mawilux S.A. is participating in different forms of obtaining specialized staff, also from young students from mid-schools by helping those talented with scholarships.